1st Tecnove Kids drawing contest

1st Tecnove Kids drawing contest

This April it has been a very special month for all the companies in Tecnove Business Group as the respective anniversaries of each of the companies have been celebrated. This year, one of the activities of the anniversay was the first drawing contest. It has been held for all the sons and daughters of our colaborators.

Participation has been very high for the first edition, with a total of 70 participants between the ages of 4 and 17. The mission was to create the mascot of TECNOVE BUSINESS GROUP, and we have received real wonders. It is fortunate to have these small great artists within the families of TECNOVE BUSINESS GROUP.

The jury has had a difficult task to choose the best three drawings in each category, as the level was too high, and we are convinced that in the following editions will be even more complicated. On 30 April, the awards ceremony in Herencia was held for children who could been in Tecnove’s facilities, and for those who were outside Herencia they were sent by mail to receive their prize as soon as possible.

Finally, we would like to thank the families who participated in the competition and who have given their sons and daughters the essence of what each of the companies that form Tecnove Business Group is.

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