We design and build modular strcutures and facilities always according with some basic principles: energy efficency, material optimisation, spatial quality and durability.

Our construction projects execution meets specific needs and customers, offering spaces for companies that need to develop their projects and house people, workers, technicians, managers or auxiliary teams. Similarly, our camps are adapted to the special needs of military contingents deployed in conflicts zones.

For this reason, we always study the type of construction that best adapt the purpose, the situation of the terrain and other factors such as the weather or the duration of the project or mission.

Camps / Living Bases

We have achieved extensive experience in applying the modular constuction concept to camps for civilian or military use, barracks bases for international missions, offices, canteens and temporaty acomodation.

We build these camps on schedule and guarantee their full operability anywhere in the world, even in remote locations, in extreme weather conditions, in devastated areas or in conflict zones.

The construction is based on a high quality modular system with a great versatility that allows to reduce costs due to its easy logistics and assemply. In addition, a great use is made of the available space as it can be built up to 3 highs, allowing successive extensions to be mande with total flexibility.

As a result we obtain As a result, we obtain tailor-made spaces, with finishes and equipment that ensure unbeatable habitability conditions.

Modular Buildings

We design and build modular structures with a wide range of options that allow a great diversity of uses and configurations.
The great experience and quality of the productos used ensure total functionality and maximum habitability and comfort even in the most extreme conditions.

The buildings are completed on time and are fully equipped: water, sanitation, electricitym air conditioning, telecommunications, etc.

Temporary Installations

Tecnove´s modular building concept makes it easy to deploy and assemble structures to cover temporary or specific needs. We can build fully equipped offices or lodgings for projects of a specific duration in which it´s necessary the face-to-face work; or large spaces such as warehouses or any similar installation.
In short, our construction system allow us to adapt the spaces generated to any need.

Intalaciones temporales
Instalaciones temporales
Contrucción edificio temporal
Diseño construcción


We apply our experience in the construction sector to other building and civil works.

Moreover, we adapt any other type of building or space, restructuring or rehabilitating it, adapting it to the current legal regulations and the spatial and aesthetic needs of each client.

Our work is guaranteed both by our technical team and by the materials used in each job, which comply with the strictest requirements established by the regulations.

Oficina construcción