Defense and Security

Defense and Security

The Armed Forces and the State Security Forces and Corps have to carry out highly committed missions, in which their mobility, their deployment capacity and their own security is clearly linked to the means, equipment and vehicles they use in their mission.

In Tecnove we are proud to contribute for many years being suppliers of the army and security forces of these equipments and units, always offering innovative products that combine quality, reliability and resistance.

Military Vehicles

In TECNOVE we have developed great industrial capacities for the manufacture of vehicles for military use, having worked with the main technological companies and the largest manufacturers in the Defence and Security sector. Tecnove is a supplier to international organisations such as NATO, UN and the EU, as well as to the Spanish Ministry of Defence and the Portuguese Ministry of Defence, among others.

We provide solutions to any need for the transformation of light or heavy vehicles for military use, adapting the structure, chassis or bodywork to accommodate additional elements or to improve performance.

We also build fully autonomous and equipped mobile units such as air control towers, telecommunications command posts (on-vehicle or shelter) or vehicles for troop transport and military logistics.

Police and Armored Vehicles

We design, transform and equip all types of vehicles for use by different security forces: National Police, Civil Guard, Regional and Local police forces, etc.

We build on chassis of any brand, in sedan, off-road, van, pickup… and with all types of engines: electric, hybrid, thermal engines…

Furthermore, at the customer’s request, we can equip police units with partial or total armour elements; this is a made-to-measure service that covers any need and guarantees the complete functionality and safety of the vehicle in its mission.

We can also build armoured vans for the transport of cash, transforming any model (light, medium, heavy) with loads from 500Kg to 8 Tons; offering different levels of armouring according to protection criteria in accordance with the client’s needs.

All our armour complies with national and international standards, approvals and regulations.

Field Hospital

We have extensive experience in the manufacture of Field Hospitals, of the highest quality and custom-designed according to the client’s specifications.

They are complete hospitals with total autonomy for their operation, which can be easily transported and deployed anywhere in the world, including remote locations, to guarantee specialised medical care wherever it is needed.

Depending on the needs and indications of our clients, the field hospital can be designed in truck, tent and container formats, or even in a combination of the 3 proposals.


Defense & Security

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