Our catering services are aimed at different areas, from hospitals to the military, guaranteeing that each menu meets specific nutritional requirements and is adapted to the needs of each diner according to their health, geographical location and gastronomic or cultural tradition, always using top quality ingredients and careful preparation conditions.

We also manage the supply of food products and their logistics to ensure personalised food for those who need it wherever they are.

Servicios de catering militar

Military Camps and Life Bases

We have extensive experience in the supply and logistics of supplies and food for military units on peace missions, specialising in going where no one else can: areas at risk due to armed conflict, catastrophes or special accessibility difficulties.

We also provide complete catering services for life bases in large infrastructure projects located in remote areas, especially for sectors such as energy, mining or oil.

To this end, we prepare menus in our kitchens with expert chefs, supervised by nutritionists and specifically adapted to the preferences and needs of the clients, taking into account the characteristics of the project or the geographical origin of the diners.


Public and Private Institutions

Hospital catering and nursing homes

We work hand in hand with institutions to bring catering and food services to centres where this is a critical factor, such as hospitals or nursing homes.

To this end, we work with the best suppliers in the sector to guarantee a variety of menus of the highest quality, prepared and served under the strictest supervision of our nutritionists.

We ensure the best possible care for our guests, taking note of the nutritional requirements to be met, preparing diets according to nutritional needs, religious beliefs or gastronomic preferences, contributing as much as possible to their well-being.


Servicio catering empresas

Companies and Communities

We provide complete catering services in the canteens of large companies. These services are based on the planning of daily activities in the kitchen, with a service of three meals a day (breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner) and even evening meals to cater for special situations that may arise.

We start from a wide range of menus adapted to all possible needs and particularities of the diners; offering the latest culinary trends, as well as exotic alternatives.

In addition, we have other special services that we can offer at the request of each client, such as live cooking, preparation of take-away menus, cocktail services, special services for events or celebrations, or nutritional advice service.

Servicio de catering