Health and Emergencies

Health and Emergencies

We manufacture mobile health and emergency units, specially adapted for those situations and places where conventional health care can´t reach or where it´s necessary to deploy tropos and resources to respond to major emergencies or catastrophes.

This mobile units are equipped with all the necessary equipment to ensure that the work of medical or emergency personnel is sage, quick and efficient.

These units can be equipped with everything from analytical, laboratory o diagnostic equipment to operating rooms and intensive care units; they can even been equipped with isolation means to avoid contagion or contaminants transmission, such us air filtering units and positive pressure systems.

Vehiculos sanitarios


We have extensive experience in the manufacture of ambulances for different missions, covering needs ranging from the transfer of patients, individual or collective, to intensive care units or basic life support. All of them can be adapted for civil or military use.

The units are manufactured in different formats and vehicle types, and can be manufactured on vans or cars and with 4×2 or 4×4 traction.

Tecnove has become the official distributor in Spain of AMBULANZ MOBILE.

Vehiculos sanitarios - Ambulancia  - Salud y emergencias
Vehiculos sanitarios - Ambulancia  - Salud y emergencias
Vehiculos sanitarios - Ambulancia  - Salud y emergencias

Quality standards EN UNE 1789:2020

Ambulanz Mobile

Tecnove is the official supplier of the renowned German company Ambulanz Mobile in Spain. These ambulances can adapt to any sort of needs and purpose that our clients would have and, at the same time, minimize their impact on the environment. Their design and manufacturing process are profoundly based on principles and approaches related to Innovation, Ergonomics and Security – making them possess a nearly-perfect design.

Mobile Medical Units

We adapt to the needs of each client to offer an optimal and functional solution, providing our personalised advice and technical recommendations regarding the interior layout of the mobile unit (reception, medical area, technical area…), make, type of vehicle and model depending on the country of destination.

In addition, and thanks to the technical knowledge of our professionals, we always incorporate the medical equipment that best adapts to the characteristics chosen by the client. Therefore, each unit is individually designed and manufactured, being unique and exclusive.

We manufacture specific units, generating a space adapted for quality primary care, in which each patient receives personalised attention and can be treated with state-of-the-art equipment.

Emergency Vehicles

In the most demanding situations, vehicles must respond with guarantee and reliability. For this reason, Tecnove specialises in advising its customers, manufacturing special bodyworks and mobile units for unforeseen situations that affect a large number of people, such as large forest fires or natural disasters.


Healthcare & Emergencies

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