We have a long experience in the construction, adaptation and reconditioning of containers, fully configured to adapt them to the needs of each customer.

Design for different uses, standing out medical containers, refrigerated containers, mobile garages and containers for special uses.  

Camión contenedor cruz roja

Our containers are manufactured in accordance with international standards for sea, air or land transport and we are able to adapting to any needand requirement. We manufacture laterally expandable containers, modular compartmentalised containers and any other customised solution.


Our containers are designed for use in different multimodal transport systems and can be transported by land, sea and air. Once installed at their destination, they will be able to carry out the misión for which they have been designed and equipped without any difficulty.

Generator Enclosures

This business line focuses on the construction of soundproof containers, specially designed to house large generators, in order to supply the necessary energy to the installations where they are located.

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Contenedor Insonorizado
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Contenedor Insonorizado