Special Vehicles

Special Vehicles

The experience accumulated over the last three decades has given us in-depth knowledge of the automotive sector and the needs of transport and mobility, thanks to which we can manufacture any solution on wheels, transforming vehicles to create specific spaces in each unit to develop the functions required by each customer and provide them with mobility, facilitating the movement of their activity anywhere.

With this philosophy we create mobile units and special vehicles for sectors as diverse as telecommunications (TV, telephone and radio), industry (mobile garages or auxiliary units), motor sports (motorhomes, hospitality, transport of motorbikes or racing cars, etc.) or refrigerated transport, among others.

We adapt all types of vehicles to convert them into railway equipment suitable for working on any track gauge and intended for maintenance, cleaning, electrification, inspection, catenary and lighting works, as well as rescue, re-railing and construction.

At Tecnove we create a world on wheels.

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