Ambulance Type A2. Mercedes Benz

Designed for the collective transport of patients, be possible to transport 5 patients plus 1 stretcher and/or wheelchair.


Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4×2 o 4×4

 3.500 Kg/3.880 and over 4.100 Kgs

5932 mm

2020 mm

2638 mm


5 folding seats (2 rotating).
1 or 2 wheelchairs.
1 stretcher.

Special material, Highly resistant and lightweight.


Light and easy to use

  • Pipeline.
  • Oxygen Support.
Based on UNE EN 1789:2020, with/ without touch screen. CAN-BUS system.

Integrated and aerodynamic lightbars, front and rear warning lights, nano LEDs and siren.

  • LED Type.

Manual operation with stretcher holder.

According to customer’s request.