35th Anniversary Tecnove

35th Anniversary Tecnove

Today, April 15, is a very important and special day for all the people who are part of the large family Tecnove Business Group, we celebrate our respective anniversaries: Tecnove 35 years, Tecai celebrates 30 years, Tecnove Fiberglass 25 years, Tecnoseñal 25 years, Tecnoseñal Servicios 20 years, Tecnove Custom Trucks 15 years, and Tecnove Telecom and Tecnove Agribusiness that turn 10 years respectively, working together for you.

We start the day with a thank-you email and a link to two videos that will be released over the course of the day, the first of them “Today is the key day” The executives of all the companies in the group address some very emotional words to the entire workforce and show what we can achieve together in Tecnove Business Group.

Tecnove Business Group – Hoy es un día clave

The second video “Working together for you” is a clear example of what can be achieved in each of the companies and that together we will go further.

Tecnove Business Group – Working together for you

To celebrate our anniversary together, all the people who make up our teams of Tecnove Business Group received a personalized detail for the daily work they do and the effort that makes us manage to advance and surpass ourselves daily.

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