Delivery of Samur Vehicles to Madrid City Council

Delivery of Samur Vehicles to Madrid City Council

The Mayor of Madrid attended the reception of the new vehicles destined to the SAMUR-Civil Protection of Madrid City Council.

The SAMUR-Civil Protection service is responsible for providing citizens with emergency and out-of-hospital emergency care in the municipality of Madrid. The new mobile units are fully equipped to move quickly to the emergency response sites with the full complement of staff and emergency teams. The vehicles have all the elements of protection, priority signage, communications and the great autonomy and safety required at that time.

Tecnove has participated in the transformation of these units that will be used as rapid intervention vehicles by the SAMUR-Civil Protection service of the City of Madrid. For Tecnove, a leading company in the manufacture of mobile units and the production of equipment for emergency units, we are proud to collaborate in mitigating the effects of these situations that SAMUR faces in their daily work and to show our appreciation for the great work they do.

Tecnove ha participado en la transformación de estas unidades que serán utilizadas como vehículos de intervención rápida por el servicio de SAMUR-Protección Civil del Ayuntamiento de Madrid.  Para Tecnove, empresa referente en la fabricación de unidades móviles y producción de equipos para unidades de emergencia, es todo un orgullo colaborar en paliar los efectos de estas situaciones a las que se enfrenta SAMUR en su labor diaria y mostrar nuestro reconocimiento a la gran tarea que realizan.

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