Compliance and RSC

TECNOVE Compliance Program

The Compliance Programme is a compendium of regulations that brings together legal duties imposed by current legislation together with ethical values that the company imposes on itself and which it requires all its members to comply with. A Compliance Programme protects the company from the inappropriate conduct of individuals acting in its business environment. Knowing and applying the rules of this Code is an essential requirement for every professional in the company.

With this Compliance Programme, TECNOVE is committed to making a positive contribution to society and to both internal and external stakeholders through its actions and expects all the groups with which it maintains business relations to be bound by these principles in their own activity, acting in accordance with best practices, complying with internationally accepted standards regarding transparency, business ethics, health, occupational risks, quality, environmental preservation and Human Rights.

Request the Internal Regulations for Regulatory Compliance at the following address:

Request the Policy Document for the Use and Operation of the Internal Information Channel at the following address:

TECNOVE: Responsible Company - 2017

This award is a recognition of an entire business trajectory and of the Tecnove Group’s commitment to ethical values and standards of integrity as principles for advancing along the path of sustainable growth.

TECNOVE endorses the basic principles of Corporate Social Responsibility that it has been practising for so many years and firmly believes in them and guarantees that they will continue to form part of its present and future actions, its way of doing business and its company culture.

Integrated Management Policy

TECNOVE SL develops its main activities under the basic principle of contributing to the development of our environment through the manufacture and supply of innovative products and services of the highest quality, complying with the requirements demanded by our customers and taking special care with our environment and the safety of our workers.