Detainee Transport Vehicles

Modern body developed for vehicles of every major make on the market, including MERCEDES, IVECO, RENAULT, FIAT and NISSAN.


  • Glass fibre-reinforced polyester cladding outside and facing inside
  • Polystyrene thermal and sound insulation
  • Reinforcements for installation of furniture and equipment
  • Wooden floor with TARASAFE or similar flooring
  • Drains in prisoner section
  • Unit-appropriate wiring
  • Fluorescent or LED lighting
  • Air conditioning throughout
  • Ventilator fan
  • Retractable steps or running boards
  • Hand grips
  • PVC or aluminium doors
  • OPTIONAL restroom with chemical toilet

Exterior Equipment:

  • Windows in prisoner section with shatterproof, vandal-proof glazing or grilles.
  • Light bar with rotating lights and spotlights
  • Speaker
  • Siren with loudspeaker and remote control
  • LED spotlights on front, sides and rear
  • Prewiring for mobile radio telephone
  • Paint and graphics identifying the unit and the client. Salt protection treatment
  • Hook for towing and being towed

Interior Equipment:

  • Seats for guard section
  • Benches for prisoners, with handcuff securing system
  • Door control panel
  • Rifle rack
  • Protective gear holder system
  • Shield holder system
  • Three-kilogram fire extinguishers
  • Map reader