unidades móviles de vigilancia   Unidades móviles de vigilancia  
Modern body developed for vehicles of every major make on the market, including MERCEDES, IVECO and RENAULT

Adaptations are tailored to produce surveillance units with the desired features:

  • Electrowelded steel structure with aluminium cladding outside and matchboard panelling inside, made of medium-density fibreboard .
  • Polystyrene installed between the structure’s sections for thermal and sound insulation.
  • Container structure made up of vertical and horizontal profiles joined by ISO blocks.
  • Wooden floor with TARASAFE or similar flooring.
  • Reinforcements inside for furniture and equipment.
  • Wiring appropriate for the unit’s use.
  • Halogen, fluorescent or LED lighting.
  • Thoroughly soundproofed generator unit with silent blocks to dampen vibrations.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Doors made with the same features as the rest of the body.
  • Suitable windows for natural lighting.
  • Retractable steps.

Exterior Equipment:

  • Paint and graphics identifying the unit and the client.
  • Stabilisation and levelling systems.
  • Outdoor lighting.
  • Concealment and security devices.
  • Aerodynamic deflector
  • Hauling winch.
  • Flashing

Interior Equipment:

  • Wrap-around operations console.
  • Ergonomic desk with a clear view of the monitors.
  • Large storage cabinet.
  • Office chairs.
  • Refrigerator.
  • Equipment rack
  • Firearm rack
  • Safe

Surveillance Equipment:

  • Radar system
  • Optoelectronic system
  • Positioning system
  • Weather station


  • Ruggedised PC with dock station, portable
  • Ruggedised keyboards
  • 19” TFT touchscreens
  • Ruggedised printer
  • Ruggedised server
  • Ruggedised Ethernet switch

Video Processing Equipment

  • Video processing license
  • Ruggedised RGBHV/video recorder


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