Adaptaciones militares   Adaptaciones militares

Special adaptations of military and paramilitary vehicles.
Note: The client can choose the entire configuration of all adaptations.


  • Catwalks installed on tractor units
  • Light bars and rotating elements installed.
  • Sirens and loudspeaker equipment installed.
  • HF and VHF communications equipment installed.
  • Hydraulic loader cranes installed, for loading and unloading goods and handling Spanish Army VEMPAR containers.
  • Roof hatches installed, opening to 180°.
  • 12V and 24V military wiring installed.
  • Winches installed.
  • Tie-down rings installed.
  • Cab chassis vehicles converted to tractor units (fifth wheel).
  • Grilles installed to protect position lights and lamps.
  • Grilles installed to protect windscreen and side windows.
  • Brush guards installed.
  • Tow hooks installed.
  • Special weapon racks and holders installed.
  • A range of cab conversions for storage.


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