Mobile Signal Repeater   Mobile Signal Repeater
Description: Light mobile telephone trailer that is just the ticket for clients who need something to give them expanded coverage, act as a land link and stand in for permanent facilities and components that are out of order.


  • Structure made of flexible, heavy-duty cold-rolled carbon-steel profiles.
  • Reinforced polyester shell.
  • Non-slip aluminium or polyester roof.


  • Generator unit for a fully independent power supply.
  • Cooling machinery
  • Vinyl wrap

Exterior Equipment:

  • Front storage space for auxiliary equipment beneath the trailer.
  • Two side doors for maintenance work.
  • Rear door for easy access to equipment.
  • External connection to mains.
  • Spare tyre.

Interior Equipment:

  • Communication cabinet with telephone equipment.
  • Distribution and circuit-breaker board
  • Battery and current stabilisation cabinet.


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