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Description: Light unit on a cab chassis for satellite telephone linkage (voice and data) with the possibility of point-to-point land linkage


  • Based on a delivery van with a separate cab.
  • Structure made of aluminium profiles.
  • Aluminium panel cladding outside and facing inside.
  • Thermal and sound insulation.
  • Non-slip flooring.
  • Wiring.
  • Reinforced walk-on roof.
  • Painted inside and out
  • Customised technical furniture.
  • Racks for standard-width equipment.
  • Soundproof generator unit.
  • Separate air conditioning for staff and machinery.
  • Hydraulic levelling and stabilisation system.
  • Seamless built-in deflector over the cab
  • Seamless built-in deflector for parabolic antenna
  • Patch panels
  • Built to meet client requirements.


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