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Closed-box body. Sides may be smooth, 3-mm-thick polyester panels sealed to an electrowelded framework of rolled tubular profiles; the interior is lacquered in grey, and the exterior is painted. Or sides may be smooth, 0.8-mm-thick folded aluminium panels lacquered white outside, with an application of epoxy primer.

This sits on a structure made of tubular or similar profiles electrowelded together to form an assemblage.


  • Structure made of flexible, heavy-duty carbon-steel profiles, hot- or cold-rolled as necessary.
  • Front made of the same material as the sides, either with a metal structure of electrowelded tubes or 0.8-mm folded steel panels, lacquered, as requested by the client.
  • Sides are made by electrowelding metal tubes into a cage structure. The polyester panels are then fitted onto the structure and sealed to it with resin and steel angle plates. If the model has a metal structure sheathed in polyester, the sides are made with 0.8-mm-thick folded steel plate, lacquered white on the outside, with the application of epoxy primer. The inside structure is made of aluminium H-profiles.
  • Rear frame is electrowelded steel plate or aluminium, 2.5-mm or 4-mm thick.
  • The rear section has two folding doors that open to 270° with T-bar and under-chassis door holders. Retractable steps for access to vehicle interior.
  • Interior floor made of damp-proofed 12-, 15- or 18-mm boards, smooth or striated veneer optional.

Exterior Equipment:

  • Metal or thermoplastic safety flaps.
  • Signs painted on request.
  • Thermoplastic toolbox.
  • Water tank.
  • Side under-run protection.
  • Rubber flaps on rear, to stop flying debris.
  • Rubber blocks on rear and sides.
  • Aluminium corner trim. Flashing finished in stainless steel.
  • Optional platform lift at rear of vehicle.
  • Rear doorframe finished in stainless steel.
  • Fire-extinguisher drawer and fire extinguisher, as required.
  • Optional air deflector.
  • Visibility marking according to applicable legislation.
  • Side door on the right (looking forward) slides forward to open and has locking system, as do the rear doors. Step for easier access can be ordered. Door holder on side (T-bar) and under chassis.

Interior Equipment:

  • Sling restraint rails on the sides.
  • Grabs for easier access to the vehicle’s interior.
  • Run-off drains on the lower sides (optional)
  • 300-mm-high galvanised metal or aluminium skirting board all around.
  • Interior light.
  • Payload restraint bars all around. Optional.
  • Payload restraint rails with built-in 8-mm bars with rubber guards.

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