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Rigid open-box chassis with 400- to 700-mm-tall sides all around, forming a perimeter to ensure that goods remain stable inside.

This sits on a structure made of tubular or similar profiles electrowelded together to form an assemblage.


  • Structure made of flexible, heavy-duty carbon-steel profiles, hot- or cold-rolled as necessary.
  • Front made of a tubular structure sheathed in 1.5-mm flat steel plate up to window level or, if there are no windows, up to the height of the loading bridge.
  • Sides made of 2- to 3-mm folded steel plate or aluminium planks.
  • Rear made of the same materials as the sides.
  • Sides receive treatment with primer and paint (client’s choice of colour), conventional drying.
  • Interior floor made of damp-proofed 12-, 15- or 18-mm planks.

Exterior Equipment:

  • Reinforced loading bridge
  • Metal or thermoplastic safety flaps.
  • Signs painted on request.
  • Side underrun protection.
  • Thermoplastic toolbox.
  • Water tank.
  • Fire-extinguisher drawer and fire extinguisher, as required.
  • Rubber flaps on rear, to stop flying debris.
  • Tie-down winches with safety system.
  • Rubber blocks on rear and sides.
  • Optional auto-loading crane at the front or rear.
  • Optional platform lift at rear.
  • Optional air deflector
  • Visibility marking according to applicable legislation.

Interior Equipment:

  • Restraint rails halfway up the sides
  • Tie-down chains from upright to central upright.
  • Rear chains to stabilise the horizontal height of the tailgate.
  • Run-off drains on the lower sides (optional)
  • Optional: type of materials used for sides:
    – Folded steel plate
    – Tubular structure sheathed in stamped or flat steel plate
    – Aluminium.

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