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Modern bodies installed on different types and makes of chassis bases, including MERCEDES, IVECO, RENAULT, MAN, FORD, FIAT and PEUGEOT


  • Carbon-steel or sandwich panel structure.
  • Classroom-holding capacity.
  • Exterior clad in smooth, unbroken panels of glass fibre-reinforced polyester.
  • Interior veneered in wood or glass fibre-reinforced polyester.
  • Insulated for temperature and sound with rigid polyurethane foam panels.
  • Non-slip PVC flooring.
  • Expandable sides (optional).
  • Storage space beneath.
  • Wiring.
  • Plumbing (optional).
  • External connection to mains.
  • Walk-on roof (optional).
  • Retractable aluminium stairs with safety handrails, for access to the unit.

Exterior Equipment:

  • Graphic design and signs.
  • PVC or aluminium door.
  • Side windows, depending on body dimensions.
  • Hydraulic or mechanical levelling and stabilising system.
  • Lift platform for handicapped access (optional).

Interior Equipment:

  • Leading-brand HVAC in all rooms.
  • Generator unit for an independent power supply.
  • Computer and audiovisual system not included (optional).
  • Specialty equipment (depending on what the unit is used for)
  • Indoor furnishings: counters against walls, chairs, cabinets, table and necessary office equipment.
  • Fluorescent and halogen interior lighting.
  • Full restroom (optional).
  • Security system: fire and intruder detection.
  • Supplementary equipment: dustbins, clothes hangers, fire extinguishers, first aid kit.


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