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Modern bodies developed for EVOBUS-MERCEDES, IRISBUS-IVECO, MAN, SCANIA and VOLVO chassis
Note: The client can choose the entire configuration of both the chassis and the vehicle’s equipment.

Structure and Body:

  • Carbon-steel structure up to 12 metres long.
  • Reinforced polyester front, rear and roof.
  • Reinforced polyester rear and bonnet.
  • Galvanised metal sides.
  • Single-level floor throughout inside
  • Electricity from outside mains.
  • Heated, electric external rear-view mirrors.
  • Reinforced-polyester front and rear fenders and front hatch.
  • Speed-sensing autolock.
  • Lighted storage space beneath, with easy-opening aluminium doors.
  • Front and rear fog lamps.
  • Third brake lamp.
  • Two-speed wipers.
  • External paint job in colours of the client’s choice.
  • Vinyl wrap

Library Equipment:

  • Spacious design capable of holding approximately 4,000 documents.
  • Upholstered, pneumatic driver’s seat.
  • Decorative interior finishing.
  • Floor-to-ceiling furnishings designed especially to hold documents.
  • Book-anchoring feature.
  • Semicircular library table
  • Latest-generation computer equipment.
  • Internet access
  • Music system, ambient music.
  • Halogen lamps for direct shelf lighting.
  • Fluorescent lamps for indirect lighting

Supplementary Equipment:

  • Domestic HVAC in library section.
  • Windows in library section.
  • Two doors on right side (front passenger door and library entrance).
  • Door between driver’s cab and library section.
  • Gas-oil generator unit for backup when mains are not available.
  • Fire extinguisher, first aid kit and two emergency triangles.


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