Modern body developed for a container-format design. Unit configurations designed for decontamination work or shipping are available.
Note: The client can choose the entire configuration of both the chassis and the vehicle’s equipment.


  • Subframe side beams and cross beams made of electrowelded steel profiles.
  • Loading and unloading devices.
  • Frame and floor made of electrowelded steel profiles.
  • Plywood side, front and rear panels.
  • Wooden floor with aluminium or similar flooring.
  • Wiring appropriate for the unit’s use.
  • Fluorescent or LED lighting.
  • Shutter doors or doors with the same configuration as the rest of the body.
  • Unloading ramps.

Interior Equipment:

  • Removable trays.
  • Special compartments designed for each set of equipment.
  • Floor rings.
  • Equipment for mixing and applying decontamination products.
  • Generator unit.
  • Medical equipment.
  • 3-kg fire extinguishers.


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