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Our commitment:

“Healthy, high-quality food wherever you are”

TECNOVE Services has the capacity, the experience and the resources to provide extensive catering service anywhere in the world. Whether you are a company or an organisation, if you are in a city or a life support camp that has conflict-related security problems or difficult terrain, we can provide tasty, nutritious, regular meals.

Our catering service is based on meeting the energy and nutritional requirements to be covered in each particular case, with special emphasis on maintaining food quality in terms of sanitary considerations and sense appeal.

There are schedules of daily cooking activities, with three meals a day (breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner) and even extra night-time meals in the event of special situations.

In addition, we offer menus that meet the dictates of different locations and situations, according to our clients demands.

At TECNOVE Services, we’re experts in food logistics. Our experienced team of professionals knows how to maintain product quality from the farm to the table.

Long years of experience and our logistic capability enable us to guarantee excellence in our catering service, no matter what country you’re in.

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