The DRYCLOSET project is a system of dry toilets that are a viable alternative to commonly used toilets, which are base don non-recoverable water consumption.  

Water is essential for life: water affects human life just as humans intervene in the water cycle.

The use of DryCloset can sabe up to 40 litres per person/day, thus making it an environmentally viable solution, anywhere in the territory, and specially where water is scarce, Expensive or difficult to access.

Proyecto Drycloset

TECNOVE has developed, together with a French company and a Finish university, this research that has achieved outstanding technological results that overcome the current limitatios of the most advanced dry toilet prototype has been obtained with clear prospects for commercialisation, given that it has better characteristics than those currently available on the market.

Inodoro Drycloset
Ventilación Proyecto Drycloset
Proycto Drycloset

This project has been funded by the European Union. The implementation and development of DRYCLOSET results in a total budget of 2.347.420,8 € and takes place in 2013 and 2014.