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  • The load-bearing structure is constructed of carbon steel profiles of square or rectangular section, joined by welding.
  • The container will have 8 corners located in each vertex, will be of carbon steel, also allowing the installation of wheel block system in the inferior vertices.
  • Exterior cladding panels, roof panels, floor and walls shall be sandwich-type, and shall be constructed of two sheets of aluminium alloy of 1 mm minimum thickness or glass fiber and insulation core of polyurethane 40 or 60 mm thickness, with the necessary reinforcements according to equipment for their anchorage.
  • The floor will be smooth and in height, there aren’t steps inside the container once expanded. It will be insulation floor with PVC inside bottom.
  • The doors will be made with the same lining and insulation as the rest of the container.
  • The expansion surfaces will be located inside the Container Module in transport configuration, maintaining the outer dimensions of an ISO, although in a working situation the system can be deployed with a manual mechanical system by a maximum of two people. This system will have leveling jacks to support the expandable part when it is deployed.


  • Electrical installation according to norm.
  • Patch-panel of exterior connection.
  • Fluorescent lighting and leds according to zones.
  • Emergency lighting at the exits.
  • Air conditioning hot/cold.
  • Stabilizing brackets.
  • Paint.
  • Extinguishers.
  • Labeling

Optional equipment.

  • Electromechanical jacks, lavelling and elevators.
  • Generator set.
  • Furniture.

  • contenedor expandible