The DRYCLOSET project is a system of dry toilets that are a viable alternative to commonly used toilets, common in our lives, which are based on the non-recoverable consumption of water.


Water is essential for life: water affects human life just as humans intervene in the water cycle.

The use of DryCloset can save up to 40 litres per capita / day, thus making it an environmentally viable solution, anywhere in the territory, and especially where water is scarce or expensive or difficult to access.

TECNOVE has developed, along with other partners, this research that has achieved outstanding technological results that surpass the current limitations of the most advanced technology of dry toilets available in the market. A prototype dry toilet with clear marketing prospects has been obtained, since it has better characteristics than those that currently exist in the market.

Research leading to these results has received funding from the European Seventh Framework Program managed by REA-Research Executive Agency (Agreement number 256295) According to the EC reviewer of the project, after the first review report “the project has achieved Most of its technical goals and targets for the period with relatively minor deviations.”