unidad móvil cirugía, ginecología, diagnóstico

Tecnove provides bespoke solutions for governments, and public or private companies. Our units are designed to supply healthcare solutions at any places, as remote as they may be.

Our clients get consultancy and technical recommendations concerning unit’s internal distribution (front desk, medical and technical area…), brand, vehicle type and model depending of the country of destination. Thanks to our specialized technicians and professional staff, we always find the medical equipment which best adapt to our clients’ needs and thus facilitate the labor of the medical staff. As a result, each medical mobile unit is designed and manufactured individually, which makes them unique and exclusive.

Tecnove manufactures specific units according to the medical specialty needed. Our main goal is to take care of every detail and to design every space in order to guarantee the maximum comfort for the patients and to provide the latest technology on the market for the medical staff.

Our wide range of products we must outline mobile units for mammography, gynecology, primary care, operating rooms and medical examination. Tecnove manages to convert and refurbish any kind of mobile unit into the medical specialty unit our clients need.


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