Laboratorio móvil   Laboratorio móvil

Modern body developed for underframes of makes including

Note: The client can choose the entire configuration of both the chassis and the vehicle’s equipment.

Structure and Body:

  • Different versions available
  • Adaptations of pick-ups and vans, taking advantage of the vehicle’s original lines
  • Carbon-steel bodies for cab chassis versions
  • Glass fibre-reinforced polyester cladding
  • One or two expanding sides available on request
  • Powered by external mains
  • Storage space beneath the vehicle
  • External paint job in colours of the client’s choice
  • Vinyl wrap

Laboratory Equipment:

  • Decorative interior finishing
  • Furnishings designed specifically for the equipment to be used
  • Equipment for the specific type of lab work to be done
  • Equipment anchors
  • Work tables
  • Refrigerator.
  • Latest-generation computer equipment
  • Internet access
  • Music system, ambient music
  • Lighting designed specifically for the work to be done
  • Staff washrooms

Supplementary Equipment:

  • Air conditioning/heat pump for temperature control.
  • Windows that open or side hatches available
  • Gas-oil generator unit for backup when mains are not available
  • Fire extinguisher, first aid kit, emergency vests and two emergency triangles


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