Description: Body designed for function foremost, to go on IVECO, MERCEDES-BENZ, MAN, SCANIA, VOLVO and RENAULT chassis

Note: The client can choose the entire configuration of both the underlying chassis and the vehicle’s equipment.

Structure and Body:

  • All metal, with an auxiliary structure
  • Two-part, fold-down, removable sides
  • 4- or 6-mm-thick checkerboard flooring
  • Fold-down, removable rear wall. Comes equipped with two steps that become accessible when the wall is down
  • Rear and sides approximately 500 mm high, not counting seat back or hinges
  • Forward wall solid, approximately 1,200 mm high
  • Paint job in military or paramilitary colours

Basic Equipment:

  • Fold-down benches along the sides.
  • Protective rubber trim, to cover metal parts when the platform’s sides are open.
  • Cover, hoops and cross braces.
  • Six floor rings on each side to restrain payloads.
  • Rack for two large water bottles
  • Tool drawer

Optional Equipment:

  • Crane to facilitate loading and unloading a wide range of materials.
  • Twistlock.


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