Mobile Electrical Substations   Mobile Electrical Substations1

  • Body for electrical substation
  • 13,600 gooseneck semi-trailer, two axles, pneumatic suspension.
  • Extra-long gooseneck.
  • Structure made of heavy-duty cold-rolled carbon steel profiles for extra flexibility.
  • Front and rear in reinforced polyester.
  • Front faring for air.
  • Raised access floor with removable panels.
  • 40-mm rigid polyurethane foam for thermal and sound insulation
  • Glass fibre-reinforced polyester cladding outside and facing inside
  • Auxiliary wiring.
  • Cable tray for WSA boxes
  • Adhered laminated polyester roof
  • Galvanised metal cladding on sides.
  • Stepped levels inside
  • Generator unit for an independent power supply.
  • Unit fuelled from the vehicle’s tank.
  • Connection to external mains.
  • Vehicle inspection conducted by an outside agency before product delivery.

Exterior Equipment:

  • Storage space beneath the vehicle for auxiliary equipment.
  • Suitable boots for holding equipment, such as generator unit and condenser, with auxiliary storage areas.
  • One-colour paint job (no metallic colours)
  • Vinyl wrap
  • Windows in library section.
  • Double side doors on right.
  • Four-leaf side doors on left.
  • Two-door access.
  • Removable steps.

Interior Equipment:

  • HVAC system.
  • Indoor lighting.
  • Aluminium sheet flooring
  • Raised access floor with removable panels.
  • Fire extinguisher, first aid kit and two emergency triangles.


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