The TECNOVE Group, has over thirty years’ experience in business and is the Spanish leader in vehicle body manufacturing, vehicle repurposing and vehicle adaptation. It has expanded into the spheres of signage, digital marketing, camp construction, catering, facility maintenance and agro-food consultancy.

There are nine companies in the group, each a specialist in high-tech products for defence, security, health, education, telecommunications, refrigerated shipment, corporate imaging or services. Tecnove has engineering and production systems that can provide the most advanced solutions the market has to offer, tailored to meet each client’s needs. The Group looks on research, development and innovation as its hallmarks.


Over the last few years, the Tecnove Group has marketed its products in over 60 countries, proving that it has what it takes to be an international organisation. Tecnove has 11 offices. With Spanish production facilities in Herencia, Ontígola, Mérida, Getafe and Saldaña and a workforce numbering upwards of 1000 professionals, Tecnove has made its commitment to quality and excellence in customer service the keys to its competitive success in the global market.