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Description: Multipurpose mobile unit for racing and motorsport events that fully satisfies our clients’ needs. This mobile unit is perfect for many different uses, because it features a combination of different areas, including private lounges, private offices, a fully equipped washroom, a catering office and high-capacity, high-volume storage facilities. When battened down for transport, it’s a compact, easily manoeuvrable vehicle; when set up for work, it’s roomy and comfortable to be in.


  • Vehicle built on a flatbed semi-trailer.
  • Structure made of stainless steel profiles.
  • Fireproof glass fibre-reinforced polyester cladding outside.
  • Wood panelling on interior walls and ceiling.
  • Thermal and sound insulation in walls, roof and floor.
  • Non-slip flooring inside.
  • Separate entrances for technical staff, with retractable steps.
  • Full wiring.
  • Customised furnishings inside.
  • Generator unit to provide all the power needed in normal use.
  • Hydraulically operated expanding sides for more floor space and volume inside.
  • Hydraulically operated additional storey for more floor space and volume inside.
  • Private patios, one on each side.
  • Air conditioning (heating/cooling).
  • High-capacity storage space underneath.
  • Fire extinguisher, first aid kit and two emergency triangles.
  • One-colour paint job (no metallic colours).
  • Vinyl wrap.
  • Built to meet client requirements.


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