TECNOVE has a great experience in the construction, adaptation and reconditioning of containers to be used for special uses.

This technique allows the designed units to be transported by sea, air or land in a very simple way, and once installed in the place of destination to carry out the special mission for which they have been designed and equipped.

Transformation centre shelter:

Special Containers

Intended for railway infrastructures companies composed of 40-foot containers for electrical use equipped with specific equipment, medium voltage equipment room, low voltage room and communications room. It includes all the auxiliary elements necessary to provide it with total operability and autonomy in its location.

Fire Training Unit shelter:

Special Containers Special Containers

Set of containers for the specific training of fire extinguishing equipment, in container format of 40 feet specially designed to be transported by road. They have a control room equipped with devices that guarantee maximum safety, offering the most realism in fire tests. They incorporate cameras and permanent recording equipment. They are delivered fully equipped, ready to be used.

Railroad Workshop Shelter:

Special Containers Special Containers

Workshop container specially designed for rail transport. Equipped with welding equipment, compressor, generator, grinder, hydraulic jack, workbench, precision machinery and to work autonomously and independently as a repair shop.