Modular Building

We design and build modular structures in a wide range of options and prices, which can be implemented in any configuration and layout needed, withstanding any possible conditions. The quality of our materials ensures that our modular buildings are fully functional and offer maximum comfort and habitability even under the most extreme conditions. These buildings can be completed in short periods of time and are fully equipped: water, sanitation, electricity, air conditioning, telecommunications, etc.

construccion modular

Transpack Containers

We also offer a construction system using Transpack containers, with optimum living conditions and reduced transportation and assembly costs. This system allows up to three floors to be erected in any available space given, subsequent extensions or mobility and portability. Wide range of finishes is available.

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Lightweight deployable structures

We have developed bespoke solutions for large spaces through the use of tents with lightweight deployable structures. These allow further extension with modules, in order to meet our customer’s every need. Structure is lightweight but offers great resistance in all conditions of use. These deployable structures are especially designed as warehouses, hangars, boxes, living areas, dining rooms or kitchens.

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