TECNOVE is a company committed to the future. TECNOVE is aware that innovation is a key and indispensable element for companies and organizations in order to ensure their permanence and increase their competitiveness in the market.

In TECNOVE we work in a constant process of innovation, evolution and improvement but with a clear and ever present premise: not lose our essence but evolve to enrich it. For this, we have a complete team dedicated to the development of new products and the improvement of existing ones.

In the same way, it is extremely important for us to know the opinion and ideas of our customers. That is why TECNOVE’s technical team studies its new needs as a key to improving and progressing day by day.

TECNOVE has a large team of professionals in constant training who investigate and develop the most appropriate methods to carry out each project.

This vocation of innovation, coupled with the most sophisticated means of design and production, makes TECNOVE considered as a leading company of national scope within its different areas of manufacture.

The development of new technologies and more advanced production systems has led us to consider innovation as a future path, with the purpose of satisfying our broad client base, resulting in innovative and high technology products.

The continuous improvement of our products has been based on the constant research and development of new technologies, new products and the improvement of production systems. Always considering the security of the people and the care of the environment as a prime point. We design products that are safe for the user and use non-polluting materials and products.

TECNOVE’s investment in R & D & I over the last few years has been increasing. Our ratios are well above the Spanish average and at a level equivalent to the average of the European Union, in the research and development of new products and processes.

Tecnove has as a rule to undertake at least one new R + D + I project every year, and commission its engineering team to study new product lines or new production methods based on the most modern and technologically advanced tools on the market.

As a result of this constant dedication, TECNOVE has been awarded the “Prize for Technological Innovation” granted by the Chamber of Commerce of Ciudad Real in 1994, as well as the “Technological Innovation Award” granted by the Euroventanilla de Castilla La Mancha in the year 1995.

Technical capacity
Facilities and Land:

  • Offices: 2.720 m2
  • Covered area: 22.580 m2
  • Open area: 80.150 m2

Computer and communication systems:

  • Computer assisted design using AUTOCAD program (latest generation) and CAD-CAM 3D design (SOLID-WORKS).
  • General Informatization of the Company for its departments of Purchasing, Warehouse, Personnel, Sales, Quality, Administration and Management in its different dependencies.
  • Equipment of computer graphics and graphic design Hardware and Software.
  • 2 Plotters.
  • Internet access in all jobs.

Manufacturing machinery:

  • 14 Gantry crane
  • Numerically controlled folding machines
  • Shears
  • 169 High performance welding equipment
  • 1 Punching machine by numerical control of 30 Tm.
  • Folding machine by numerical control of 4 m. And 240 Tm.
  • UPS-1500 Digital Cutting Plasma Cutting Machine
  • 3 Temperature controlled booths
  • 1 Robot of P.R.F.V.
  • 3 Sandwich formation and curing tables
  • 2 Disc saw units, flat base
  • 2 Disc saw units with cutting thickness adjustment
  • 2 Machine units electric shears for metals
  • 1 Roller bending machine for metals
  • 2 Equipment P.C. With specific program of design and semi-cut
  • 1 Vinyl half-cut plotter dimensions 140 x 170 cm.
  • 1 Vinyl laminating machine with rubber rollers
  • 1 Column drill
  • 1 Pneumatic splicing machine
  • 1 2 × 1 light exposure screen
  • 1 Projection machine, brand VENUS GUSMER, model PRO-GUN SERIES
  • 1 Gel coat application machine, brand VENUS GUSMER V 1000
  • Several machines, tools and tools necessary for the processes that are made in the manufacture.
  • Fleet of 16 vehicles in perfect condition to carry the transport of any type of merchandise included to transport perishable goods that must be kept at a controlled temperature.

Human resources

TECNOVE has a large workforce specialized in engineering, industrial development, design, production, with the experience and capacity to carry out its activities anywhere in the world, both in stable conditions and in severe situations. This specialization of the template allows us to minimize subcontracting and, when this happens, we surround ourselves with the best possible associated personnel for each operation.

Tecnove participates in technology centers and business associations:

Our combined commitment to research, development and innovation , has led us to establish ways of collaborating in research projects with various groups and to collaborate with the following technological centers and professional associations of a business character:

  • ITECAM: Tecnove is a distinguished member of the ITECAM Technological Institute Association, which is part of its Board of Directors and its Executive Committee.

    ITECAM is the Technology Center of Metal of Castilla-La Manchacreated by companies of the sector in November of 2002 with the objective of increasing the entrepreneurial spirit of the sector of the transformation of the metal and related. Its main objective is to increase business competitiveness and boost the generation of new products and services, through the application of quality technological services, adapted qualified training and support and implementation in projects and initiatives of business R & D. Currently, ITECAM works with companies and national centers, and is enrolled in the Creation of Technology Centers CREA program of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

  • AESMIDE: Tecnove is part of AESMIDE, an association of companies incorporated in 1984 that usually contracts with the Public Administrations of Spain and outside our country and especially with the Armed Forces and Security. As a result of the professionalization and modernization of the Armed Forces, the Association has facilitated the transformation of our armies by meeting their needs such as logistics, maintenance, campaign equipment, transportation, security and information technologies. The experience gained with the Armed Forces, which the partner companies have also supported in their international missions, has allowed AESMIDE to extend its field of activity to the Security Forces and other Public Organisms, the United Nations Organization and the activities of International cooperation and emergency assistance.
  • SERCOBE: Tecnove is a prominent member of the SERCOBE Association of which it forms part of its management team. .

    SERCOBE is the National Association of Manufacturers of Capital Goods, , which currently comprises one hundred thirty companies and industrial groups and five sectoral associations, representing more than four hundred companies and groups related to the design, manufacture, maintenance, assembly And the recycling of capital goods, constitutes the representation of the Equipment capital industry before the Public Administrations, participating in various consultative bodies linked to our activity. It also exercises the representation of the Capital Goods Industry before Spanish and foreign economic agents.

    SERCOBE develops a continuous activity to support R + D + I, quality in production, safety and environmental protection, in order to a requirement in the progress of the quality and competitiveness of products, processes and services of companies.

TECNOVE is a company that is aware of the importance of R + D + I in industrial growth and as a company committed to the future it invests in the incorporation of new technologies and in the development of new products , as a key element to increase its competitiveness in the market.